Just a note about the visitor messages area on each of your personal profiles. With the last site update, we were given neat profiles with the capability to leave messages called "visitor messages" Click on anyone's name (like I am sure you all have seen by now) and you'll see the options there. On your own as well. This post is to serve as a reminder of a few things.

1. Messages posted on a users profile in the "visitor message" area are NOT private. They are open for anyone who goes to that profile to see. You can feel free to use this feature, but realize private messages are best kept in private by using our private messaging system.

2. ALL messages, comments etc posted in the "Visitors Messages" area are expected to follow the T.O.S. that cover the forums as well. Anyone breaking the T.O.S. in visitor messages will be dealt with the same as on the forums.

3. On your own profile, you can delete messages you deem inappropriate, or you can also use the "report button" to alert us to the problem.

4. You can also turn the feature off, or have it useable by only mods, admins and those on your friends & contacts list
Thank you!