April 28 deadline for online survey on City of Peterborough exotic pets ban

The city wants to know what you think about keeping pets such as snakes and lizards in Peterborough.

On Thursday, the city posted an online survey on its website to gauge opinion from the public.

The survey takes about three minutes to fill out online and it asks which animals - if any - should be banned.

It's all part of a forthcoming update of the city's animal bylaw.

Last year, the city began to review its rules about pets. The most talked-about issue was a move to ban any new backyard chicken coops, which ended up being put on hold.

Instead the city posted a survey to its website to ask what people thought of urban hens. City staff is expected to review the bylaw and present it to councillors soon.

Now the city is asking what you think of snakes, lizards and scorpions so staff can decide how to deal with these animals in the bylaw.

The current bylaw has a list of restricted animals that can be kept as pets only with a permit.

Tarantulas and scorpions, de-scented skunks and domestic ferrets are on the list of restricted animals. So are all types of pythons and boas.

Snakes that reach an adult length of more than three metres are also restricted; same for lizards that are longer than two metres, snout to tail, when fully grown.

That doesn't mean you cannot have these animals as pets: you can, as long as you have a permit (which costs $20, and must be renewed annually).

There's a limit, however: you can only have three animals from any restricted species, even with a permit.

The deadline to fill in the survey is April 28 at 4:30 p.m. Paper copies of the survey are available online.

The survey can be found taken here.

People who'd like to send in additional comments are welcome to email them to bylaw@peterborough.ca.