I recently got a teeny Savannah Monitor baby at an expo (Only about 4-5 inches in length head to tail), well knowing the requirements and the size it will grow to. It's been eating, but all I had about a week ago was eco earth for the tank so that's all I put in there. It's made a den underground, but I finally acquired some sand I want to mix in so the den stays more secure underground and doesn't collapse, but the thing is I don't want to scare it.

It eats while I'm gone out, and I'm in the office space with so it knows my presence.

How do I add the sand in the tank and mix it in without it hating me? I know I need to destroy the current den to mix the sand in, but I haven't handled him for the week because I know trust is a slow building process and I don't want to take that away by ripping him from his home to add sand. I try to grab him when he's out but he just goes underground, and I don't usually scare him more than needed at that point.

Any ideas?